About Me

A few (!) years ago, I requested an Introduction to Weaving course for my 40th birthday.  My teacher asked me what I wanted to produce and I surprised and delighted her when I said 'Just samples.  I want to learn everything!'  That was the start of my love of weaving. 

Once I realised how much I loved playing with colours and making colourful and unique items, I decided I needed to extend my repertoire and so watched a crochet tutorial on You Tube.

I was hooked (pun intended!) I love the fact that I can take it anywhere, produce lovely items that people want to buy, use colours that make me smile AND I can do it in a way that looks after the environment.  Perfect!

My crochet style is colourful, quirky, fun, cosy, hygge, funky, and above all has a huge dollop of love in every make.  Every item is made by me for you and so can be the colours, sizes and patterns you choose.

Away from my stash of yarn (although I'm never too far away from yarn!), I love being with family and friends.  My incredibly creative daughter (who takes most of my photos) and my Cockerpoo, Lottie (who is an expert photobomber) keep me busy in the best of ways. I like nothing better than a family picnic - as Dave has always pointed out; I'm a cheap date!