About Me

Why maps and slate are the perfect combination

As a boy, I loved painting Airfix models.  I loved the detail and the concentration needed to replicate the real thing as exactly as possible. When I finally outgrew them as a teenager, I 'flew' them all in one glorious flight from my bedroom window onto the drive below.  It was a noble end!  Like many boys, I also loved cars and so started painting car badges onto pebbles and stones from the garden.  I thought they were excellent at the time, but everyone has to start somewhere!

Fast forward to my teenage and university years and the walking, cycling and hiking bug took hold. I had spent my childhood following parents (in various stages of willingness) around the Lakes and Snowdonia. As I grew older, I loved (and still do) plotting a route on a map and finding a new way of getting to places.  I am lucky enough to have the best group of mates with whom I have explored the amazing places that the UK has to offer.

When it came to my Dad's 70th birthday, I wracked my brains for a suitable present.  Something that would celebrate the love of walking, camping and cycling that he has passed on to me.  I decided to paint a map of the Yorkshire Dales on to a piece of Yorkshire stone for him.  I marked all his favourite walks and had it mounted.  He loves it.  After much encouragement from Gill, I finally gave in and decided to sell some pieces.  I couldn't believe how popular they proved!  I love using the slate as each piece has a texture and contours of its' own.  I am very happy to be able to share them with you.