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Time for a little change...but not a huge one!

Things have been pretty hectic lately at Happy Weaver headquarters. We have been working very hard for several weeks getting ready for a two day festival at Hellens House in Much Markle (yes, I know that sounds like something from an Enid Blyton novel, but I promise it's a real, magical place!) This has easily been the biggest fair we have taken part in and was a new challenge. It put all our usual home routines in a spin as every available spare minute was spent painting, crocheting, ordering packaging, writing instructions etc etc.

The weekend was fabulous - a truly wonderful place, lovely people and a great atmosphere (we will definitely be back!) We did however, have to answer the same questions all weekend: "Why are you called The Happy Weaver?" "Are these business cards for the slate maps too?" "Are you the same business?" It made Dave and I finish the conversation that we have started from time to time over our Cornflakes, but never really got to grips with.

To us, The Happy Weaver is a well known and loved name. It has been with me since I started my weaving journey in 2013 and sums me up well. Looking round at our stall, though, we had to accept that the biz has now morphed into mainly ethical crochet and slate maps....hmm.... a far cry from looms and shuttles. There still are some woven items on there, but they are definitely the exception rather than the rule.

My rag rugs are now one of the few woven items I regularly sell, along with some woven cushions.

In our defence, it has taken a wee while for Dave to commit to the business. Working a full-time job is pretty demanding but also mainly because he still is surprised that anyone else loves his map slates as much as I do! I think he is finally starting to realise that they are totally unique and enjoyed by many. The number of commissions he is presently working on should help cement that knowledge if nothing else!

So...change is upon us. I shall remain a happy weaver on my loom, but for the business we will become 'Dyad Crafts'. You can imagine the debated we have had over a new name...and thank you to all of you who have offered opinions and ideas on Facebook and Instagram as well as in person. After much (!) debate, we realised that our strength comes from our working together and supporting each other no matter what we do, so 'dyad' seemed to just 'fit'. For those of you unfamiliar; it means "a group of two people; the smallest possible group; working in tandem." So now you know! It's a little mushy, but no-one will know 🤣 It brings with it lots of new challenges - not least all the technical challenges of the name change, but also a slight re-calibration in my head. Although I will still be running the biz and will remain the first point of contact, Dave will now be able to take on more commissions, which he loves.

This beautiful set of coasters depicting the Worcestershire Way, were adapted slightly to include the house of the recipient which was marked and labelled on the slate.

We would love to hear what you think of the new name. Nothing else has changed, we are still producing the same lovely items for all of you lovely people 😊