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 Beautiful, colourful crochet items for yourself and your home.

Hi, I'm Gill and I make and sell crochet and handwoven items. Pop over to my pages to find out more and browse my online shop. I can be found locally at monthly markets and am always happy to stop for a chat.

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Hello, I'm Dave and I paint slate and stones.  Most of my work is maps of the areas where I love to walk, both locally and across the UK.  I sell my maps in and around Malvern. Head over to my pages to learn more and take a look at my gallery.

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The first Sunday of each month  10am-2pm

The Fold

Monthly Market

The Craft Markets at The Fold in Bransford are held on the first Sunday of each month.  We would love to see you there.

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June 2022

Hellens Manor

Garden Festival

This is a fabulous outdoor festival in the gorgeous grounds of Hellens Manor in Much Marcle.  Perfect for a family day out.